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Shining a light on Newburgh Gerardo Castro and Michael Gabor are helping to unite the city By Beth Kalet | Photos by Erik Gliedman It’s a quiet and sunny winter day, but unseasonably warm. Gerardo Castro and Michael Gabor are at home, Newburgh Art Supply on Grand Street in the East End Historic Dis- trict. It’s their home, their shop and  the base camp from which they work and undertake all manner of arts-related com- munity building activities. Castro, an artist, and Gabor, an architectural photographer, created and still run New- burgh Open Studios weekends and the Lightbulb Project, which separately and together bring arts to the forefront in Newburgh. Like the two of 48 Orange Magazine them, these efforts put out a strong and persistent energy that shines a light on the good things happening in New- burgh. This is a city they’re devoted to. Gabor, especially, is crazy about the history, the land and the historic sites so close at hand. They both love Newburgh for its buildings, the river and possibilities for art- ists who can live and work in an accessible city. And then there is the culture they’ve helped shape – one in which the arts play a large part. It’s the arts and the arts community here, they contend, that help under- pin the community at large.